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Energy Evaluation a good investment!

QuebecSpec is an official representative for the Rénoclimat program of the Bureau de l efficacite et de l innovation energetiques du ministere des Ressources naturelles du Quebec (BEIE). To date, QuebecSpec has carried out over 14,000 energy evaluations for the EcoEnergy and Rénoclimat ® programs. We have some of the best professionals in the field of energy assessment. Our energy advisors are fully bilingual, they are references in the field of energy efficiency and they have a history of proven customer satisfaction. With their academic training and experience, they begin to provide our customers with all their knowledge in a simple and friendly approach. The energy evaluation consists of two home visits conducted by a certified energy advisor.

Evaluation before the work starts

At the first visit, the advisor work covers every aspect pertaining to energy consumption: insulation, air tightness, performance of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as the energy consumption habits of its occupants. The energy efficiency advisor will asks you questions and tours your house in order to conduct a complete visual analysis. Take advantage of expert advice when the energy efficiency advisor comes to your home. Talk about your renovation plans, the concerns you have about your home's energy consumption and validate the pertinence of the work you would like to carry out to save energy!

The energy advisor also performs a blower door test as part of the energy evaluation. It is an instrumented test that verifies the air tightness of the house, which is the amount of cold air that enters the home. During this test, the advisor goes through your home to locate the possible air leaks.

Following this visit, you will receive a detailed Evaluation Report that contains energy enhancement recommendations including essential work that you may not have thought about! Your advisor can also help you plan your renovation work to yield the best results. He can also help you prioritize the renovations to be carried out to increase your energy savings. The advice and recommendations contained in this report will help you determine the most appropriate renovations to carry out and help you save on your energy bill year after year! The report can also be used in discussions with your contractor.

The energy evaluation conducted before you start any renovation work helps you get more for your money. Financial assistance is provided by the BEIE for some of the work you completed. The Normatif Framework document allows you to estimate the financial assistance you could receive.

The first evaluation must be conducted before the work starts.

Evaluation after the work is completed

The second evaluation must take place once the work has been completed and is free of charge.

At the second visit, the advisor conducts an assessment of your home to verify what work was completed among those that are eligible for financial assistance. The energy advisor also performs another blower door test.

Following this visit, you will receive a confirmation of your new EnerGuide rating. And a few months following, and assuming you have improved your EnerGuide rate by at least one point, you will receive the financial assistance you are entitled for.

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